ADA Title II Information


This page contains links to posts with information and resources about Title II of the Americans with Disabilities Act (Title II). Title II primarily applies to state and local governments and defines how they are to make their activities, programs, and services accessible to those of us with disabilities.

This page may not contain direct links to all of the information posted to this website that is related to Title II. The purpose of this page is to present what I believe are the most important aspects of Title II in an order that makes sense to me and hopefully you. For everything posted to this website related to Title II, except for the podcast episodes visit the ADA Title II category. The podcast episodes related to Title II are not posted in the ADA Title II category, because all podcasts must be posted to the Demand Our Access podcast category.

For the most part, this page will be updated as we cover important aspects of Title II in the Demand Our Access podcast.

Title II Basics

This post has lots of information about basic compliance under Title II of the ADA. If you are having issues with your state or local government, it’s a good place to start.

Title II Web Accessibility Rule

This post contains critical information about the Department of Justice’s proposed rule on web accessibility under Title II. This proposed rule is important. It will, if adopted, define what will constitute web accessibility for state and local governments.