ADA Title III Information


This page will link to what I believe are the most critical things you should know about Title III of the Americans with Disabilities Act (Title III). This page will not contain links to every post mentioning Title III; rather, it will highlight the things that are important to know.

In case you don’t know, Title III applies to what the law calls places of public accommodation. In regular words, Title III applies to businesses. So, if you had an issue with a restaurant, hotel, shopping center, or any commercial business, it would be addressed under Title III.

Basics Under Title III

The post Basics under Title III begins our two-part look at Title III. This post lays an important foundation regarding who is covered by Title III and who qualifies as a protected person with a disability.

Basics Under Title III Continued

The post called Basics Under Title III Continued is the second of our two-part look at Title III. In this post, we cover the general and specific requirements that businesses must follow to comply with Title III. This post is important for customers with disabilities, because yay knowing what businesses are required to do helps us understand our legal rights.