Looking for Scenarios

On the live version of the podcast last Saturday, I was asking participants for their thoughts about Demand Our Access and how it can be improved. One person suggested I use scenarios to demonstrate how I would respond to different situations. I really like this idea. So, I’m looking for your help.

If you have a scenario you would like workshopped on a future episode of the podcast, please write me through the contact form. If you are interested, I would also love to have you join the podcast live and work through your scenario with me. Your participation in a podcast episode is not required. If you submit a good idea, I will use it regardless of your ability to join an episode. But I would love it if some of you would like to participate. I think it’s great when people can hear from different voices and from those with different perspectives than mine.

So, if there is an issue you would like workshopped, please contact me. I look forward to your ideas and maybe your live participation in a future episode.

I would appreciate hearing from you. This is our website!