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Welcome to the Demand Our Access podcast. This podcast is dedicated to teaching people with disabilities their legal rights and showing them how to access and enforce their legal rights.

Next Episode

The next live episode of the Demand Our Access podcast will take place on Saturday, April 20. The topic, as requested by several people, will be paratransit.

Finding the Podcast

Finding the Podcast in Podcast Services

Most of the time the version of the Demand Our Access podcast you get through podcast services will be the prerecorded portion of the live version of the podcast. But sometimes the version of the podcast that goes through podcast services will be what was recorded when the podcast was done live.

Currently, the podcast is available through Apple, Amazon,Google, Spotify, Tunein, and through RSS. To subscribe to the podcast, you can visit the podcast subscription page to access links to all of the currently available podcast services.

The Live Version

The live version of the podcast is produced in partnership with the American Council of the Blind’s (ACB) Community team and will air on ACB Community at two Eastern on the first and third Saturday of each month. The live version will always be on ACB Media five. You can listen through the above link or you can tellAlexa to “ask ACB Media to play five.”

The live version will contain the prerecorded presentation, if there is one. Listeners to the live version in Zoom and Clubhouse will have the opportunity to ask questions and provide feedback. Periodically, ACB Media will rebroadcast the live episodes, but there is no set schedule for the rebroadcasts.


The information presented in any of the Demand Our Access podcast episodes, on the Demand Our Access website, or otherwise shared in conjunction with or through association with the Demand Our Access project is expressly not individual legal advice. Applying the law depends on the circumstances and events that comprise every situation. Since legal advice is fact-specific, nothing about the Demand Our Access project can provide an individual, a group of individuals, or any organization legal advice.